Unleash-T XT

How does Unleash-T build muscle?

Unleash-T XT helps build muscle by increasing free testosterone levels. 

Unleash-T XT contains two compounds which have been clinically proven to reduce SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) and ABP (androgen binding protein). 

These unwanted chemicals are found within our body, and when they attach to our testosterone, they render the testosterone completely useless in our body. 

Testosterone may only activate Androgen Receptors when it is in its free or unbound form, so by reducing the levels of SHBG and ABP in our body, we allow more testosterone to do what we want it to, help us burn fat and grow! 


This compound is a ligand found within the stinging nettle plant. It works in our body due to its inherent attraction to SHBG and ABP. In fact, it has an attraction rate to these compounds more than 40% greater than that of testosterone. This means that like opposite ends of magnets, the 3 4 divanillyltetrahydrofuran will bind to your SHBG and ABP, leaving a significant portion of your testosterone no longer bound. By increasing the levels of unbound or free testosterone in our body, we have more active testosterone to activate our Androgen Receptors. Again, this means more muscle mass and strength, with less body fat.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

A novel salt version of the very popular L-Carnitine molecule, this version provides many more benefits than just simple L-Carnitine. It is able to increase our free testosterone as well as total testosterone which enhances our ability to build muscle and burn fat. On top of that, Acetyl L-Carnitine has been shown to be a potent nootropic, or mind enhancer. It gives users an “in the zone” type feeling which helps provide focus and motivation while exercising, without the need for stimulants.

1. What exactly is UNLEASH-T XT and what will it do for me?

UNLEASH-T XT is a free testosterone enhancer that will enable you to burn more fat, build more muscle, and get greater strength gains in less time than ever before.

​​2. How do I take UNLEASH-T XT?​

​Consume 2 capsules upon waking, and an additional 2 capsules around dinner time.