The Types of People in the Gym

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The gym is the one place I like to go daily to not only release any built-up frustrations and stress but also to get a mean sweat on and a solid workout.

Now the gym is also interesting because you will find all walks of life there. Below is a list of people that I have categorized at the gym.

The Social Butterfly’s – this would be the person that goes to the gym just to socialize with their gym friends. Maybe not even their friends maybe just to socialize with other gym goers. Yeah, they might get in a few sets of something but their main objective is just to chat.

The Creepy Gawkers– I feel like there are quite a few of these people. I’m simply trying to get my workout on and look up to see a random person staring at me as if they are either learning from me or I have just done something so extraordinary that they can’t believe what they are watching.

The Moaners and Groaners- This is the person that makes the awkward noises when lifting weights. I will admit that I am guilty of sometimes letting out a grunt on a heavyset, but there’s a difference between squeezing out a heavyset and a constant moan or groan on every rep. It almost seems like an attention tactic for the person that is making every rep seem like it’s impossible for them by the crazy noise they are making.

The Annoying Phone’s – These people drive me nuts. They will literally take up a machine and either talk or text on their phone while other people are waiting to use their machine. You are there to work out not to text and talk. It’s twice is bad when they talk really loud. We don’t want to hear you.

The Heavy Sprayers – These are the people that think it is necessary to load up on cologne or perfume before they work out. Or maybe they decide to cover themselves in body spray in hopes that it will make them smell better while they’re working out. For what reason? I do not know.

The Super Sweaters– There are always a few of these. The people that sweat profusely. They don’t seem to mind when they soak a machine in sweat. Truthfully, I don’t mind either, unless they don’t wipe off the machine with the sanitizer. This is possibly one of the grossest things that can happen at the gym. Sometimes the “super sweaters” can’t clean up after themselves because they’re on something like a treadmill. You go hop on after them and it looks like they literally urinated all over the belt. I think they should offer free sweatbands at the gym.

The Bad Dressers– These people seem to either not care or have no clue as to what gym attire is. I saw a guy today wearing Carhart pants with a camouflage shirt. I thought to myself that he was either in a hurry and forgot his gym clothes or he just really didn’t want to be there in the first place. I’ve seen people wear flip-flops and I’m like come on, how are you supposed to pick up any weight when you can’t even get your footing. Then there are the people that just don’t wear much clothing at all. The people that lack clothing are kind of interesting because you always wonder what they’re going to show up and be wearing.

The Couples – This usually consists of two people lifting together as a couple and a lot of the time one of them really doesn’t want to be there but the other one is the driving force. Sometimes you’ll see couples that are all over each other in the gym and you think yourself really, get a room.

The Baby Gap Guy – Oh yah, this guy in his super tight Nike dry fit and a beer belly. Apparently, a regular t-shirt wasn’t good enough.

Obsessed Mirror Guy – This is the guy that uses his shirt to wipe his face but happens to always be in front of a mirror while it happens so he can constantly check out his abs. Don’t worry bro, they haven’t changed since the last time you saw them 5 seconds ago.

The Bad BO People – yep, that person that you just can’t stand to be within 40 feet of. They smell so bad that you literally hold your breath as you walk by them. For some reason, I always end up moving to a machine far away and it’s almost like they know that I am trying to avoid them so they come get the machine next to me.

The Inconsiderate Gym Goer – this is the person that really doesn’t care about anybody else around. They walked up and take machines without asking to see if they’re already being used. They like to jump on a machine and stick eight 45 pound weights on and then just disappear without down stacking their machine. “No problem bro I’ll just unload those for you so I can do my set”. These guys are annoying

The Short Shorters – these guys either think it’s in style or they never really left the 80s. There’s nothing worse than sitting down on a machine and looking across at some guy with shorts that are way too small and his legs spread wide open. Really makes you just want to jump up off the machine and move onto your next exercise.

The Super Nice Guy- I actually wish there were more of these guys at the gym. These guys are always asking if you need a spot and they are always giving the high fives and saying “good to see you” or “looking good”. They usually always have a smile on their face and are always willing to help.

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