Listen up men. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or just fed up with having to drag yourself out of bed every day, help has arrived. The sad reality is that each and every year after your thirtieth birthday, you will lose significant amounts of testosterone. And this gradual hormonal decline represents the downward spiral into the gloomy world of low testosterone.

But don’t sweat it. We’ve got your back.

Introducing Tri-Phase Test Kit

Custom Blend Labs, TRI-PHASE TEST KIT is the only three phase testosterone boosting supplement on the market. This three phase program addresses every important issue that needs to be addressed when taking a testosterone booster. First it activates testosterone in your body. Secondly it unbinds testosterone that your body is already producing and thirdly it eliminates extra estrogen in your body. This allows your body to experience supra-physiological levels of testosterone comparable only to levels experienced on strong designer steroid cycles.

This 3 phase system is purchased in a kit. TOTAL –T XT is the first step of the TRI-PHASE TEST KIT. It begins your testosterone building process by increasing your testosterone, sensitizing and growing more androgen receptors and providing the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to build its natural testosterone and stay healthy. TOTAL-T XT’s innovative formula takes testosterone enhancement to the next level by incorporating clinically proven ingredients in unique combinations to guarantee increased testosterone.

The second phase of this kit is UNLEASH T-XT. While Testosterone is the key to building lean muscle mass, it is useless if it is bound to glycoprotein like sex hormone binding globulin known as SHBG and to Androgen-binding proteins known as ABP. These unwanted chemicals found in our bodies attach to testosterone, “bind” it and render it completely useless to our bodies. In fact, research shows that 96-98% of the testosterone in our bodies is “bound” by these unwanted agents. Testosterone may only activate androgen receptors when it is “unbound”. This combination of clinically proven ingredients helps produce more “free” testosterone in your body; giving you increased muscle strength and gains, alpha male confidence boost, higher libido and better mental focus.

The third and final phase of the kit is ELIM-E XT. While estrogen is necessary for men to have, high levels can result in negative side effects such as weight gain, inability to lose weight and breast tissue growth. ELIM-E XT works to eliminate excessive estrogen production and build muscle in two ways.

First it focuses on decreasing estrogen production through the manipulation of the Aromatase Enzymes. The Aromatase Enzyme is what converts testosterone into estrogen in the body. By targeting this Enzyme, the amount of estrogen your body produces is lowered, and your body eliminates water weight, burns fat and builds muscle. Secondly, ELIM-E XT increases testosterone through a “Negative Feedback Loop”. As the levels of estrogen in your body are lowered your body fights to bring the levels back up. To do this your body will actually begin to produce more testosterone in hopes that the Enzymes bind with it and convert it to estrogen. Since ELIM-E XT has targeted these Enzymes and made it impossible for them to “bind” with the testosterone, the testosterone levels in your body remain elevated and you build muscle. ELIM-E XT is the industry’s only 100% compliant anti-estrogen. It features a KI value higher than many prescription drugs and will lower your estrogen quickly.

Virtually everyone can benefit from using this system to boost testosterone. It will help burn unwanted fat, build more muscle and get strength gains in less time than ever before. It can also be used to help enhance testosterone production in men as they age.​​