Elim-E XT

How does ELIM-E XT build muscle?

While estrogen is necessary for men to have, high levels can result in negative side effects such as weight gain, inability to lose weight and breast tissue growth. ELIM-E XT works to eliminate excessive estrogen production and build muscle in two ways.

First it focuses on decreasing estrogen production through the manipulation of the Aromatase Enzymes. The Aromatase Enzyme is what converts testosterone into estrogen in the body. By targeting this Enzyme, the amount of estrogen your body produces is lowered, and your body eliminates water weight, burns fat and builds muscle. 

​​Secondly, ELIM-E XT increases testosterone through a “Negative Feedback Loop”. As the levels of estrogen in your body are lowered your body fights to bring the levels back up. To do this your body will actually begin to produce more testosterone in hopes that the Enzymes bind with it and convert it to estrogen. Since ELIM-E XT has targeted these Enzymes and made it impossible for them to “bind” with the testosterone, the testosterone levels in your body remain elevated and you build muscle. ELIM-E XT is the industry’s only 100% compliant anti-estrogen. It features a KI value higher than many prescription drugs and will lower your estrogen quickly.


This potent anti-aromatase is capable of lowering estrogen extremely quickly. Commonly referred to as “7-methoxyflavone”, this compound works by inhibiting the actions of our aromatase enzyme. Our aromatase enzyme is responsible for the action of converting our precious testosterone into unwanted estrogen. By eliminating the ability of the enzyme to function, no testosterone is able to be converted into estrogen. This means your testosterone production can continue to soar while your estrogen levels get lower by the day. 7-methoxyflavone is especially unique due to its incredible strength. When compared against common anti-estrogens such as Arimadex and Formestane, 7-MF came out of top as the most potent each and every time. There is no stronger/legal anti-estrogen available today.

Ellagic Acid (95%)

Some of the most commonly used terms during PCT are “AI” and SERM”. As mentioned above, the term AI stands for aromatase-inhibitor, while SERM stands for “Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator”. While that may be a mouthful to say, a SERM is incredibly important during PCT and times you wish to lower your estrogen completely.

Ellagic Acid works similar to a SERM in that it has shown to exhibit bi-level inhibition of estrogen/aromatase in the body, specifically in breast tissue. One of the most commonly affected areas in the male body is the breast tissue, which can result in unsightly gynecomastia (growth of the breast tissue). Ellagic Acid effectively blocks estrogen from attaching to estrogen receptors in the breast tissue, thus making it impossible for “gyno” to occur.


Indole-3-Carbinole marked a revolution in estrogen management forever. It reminded many that while we want estrogen levels low, we must remember that some estrogen is necessary, even for men. I3C works by first lowering total estrogen by acting as a weak aromatase-inhibitor. After this, it is actually capable of finding the remaining negative estrogen “E2” and eliminate it from the body, while sparing the muscle friendly estrogen “estrone”.

By allowing estrone levels to remain in the body, users will not experience the common side effects of low estrogen such as achy joints or dehydration. Users can expect to see only the positives that include increased libido, increased strength, and better sense of well being.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ELIM-E XT?

ELIM-E XT is the strongest legal anti-estrogen currently available.

2. Who can take ELIM-E XT?

ELIM-E XT is intended for the most hardcore users who wish to take their physique from “good” to “great”. Users must be 18+.

3. How do I take Elim-E XT?

Men: Consume 2 servings upon waking, and 1 serving prior to bed.
​Women: Consume 1 serving prior to bed.

4. What can I expect while on ELIM-E XT?

Users should expect to begin “feeling” ELIM-E XT within 1 week of starting it. A large increase in libido is most often the first effect seen, followed quickly with strength increases at the gym. Most users lean out significantly while adding 2-4lbs of LBM to their frame.