About Our Founder

Scott Mccarty is a Doctor of Pharmacy with degrees in Biochemistry and Mathematics who specializes in vitamin and nutritional supplement design. He strives to design only the best clinically backed supplements on the market, ensuring all ingredients are included at their effective doses. The results he has been able to achieve for those taking Custom Blend Lab designed supplements have been recognized by many experts as ground breaking.

About Our Cofounder

Heath Howerton is a self-made entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience running multiple businesses across a number of different industries. Along with a strong background in sales, his passion for delivering healthy vitamins to the public has made him a vital asset to Custom Blend Labs.

“The more you are willing to do, the more benefit you will experience. Taking supplements to repair your body at a cellular level is journey and not a destination. There will always be a need to make changes based on your current and future goals for your health status. Be patient and persistent and the changes will begin to happen.” – Scott Mccarty