Our Products

The Tri-Phase Test Kit

The Tri-Phase Test Kit is made up of a three-phase supplement program that regulates and promotes healthy levels of testosterone.

  • ​Phase 1 – Boosted testosterone levels.
  • Phase 2 – Freeing of bound testosterone within the body.
  • Phase 3 – The elimination of excess estrogen.

LGN (Look Good Naked) Formula

The science behind the Look Good Naked Formula comes from a focus on attacking weight loss from all angles. Limitless energy, stimulation, reducing stored waste, all while retaining your hard earned muscle. This ultra-concentrated product is capable of delivering sustained energy, mood enhancement, and can help reduce your daily caloric intake leading to weight loss.

Zero Gravity Pre-Workout

Custom Blend Labs has brought back one of their most powerful and popular pre-workouts, but have strengthened it with 1,3 DMAA!

This is the ingredient that was the reason Jack3d became the #1 pre-workout supplement in the world. It started gaining popularity in 2015, became a top seller in 2016, and this reigns as the top product in 2017. It has since been discontinued, but 1,3 DMAA is back in Zero Gravity Pre-Workout! Now this is only one of the key ingredients that make this pre-workout supplement the strongest on the market today.

Making an Impact With Great Products

Testosterone Deficiency is something that hit close to home with the Custom Blend Labs team members. We wanted to make testosterone treatment more convenient and safe for the public.

After several trials, we have found the most simple solution for testosterone regulation on the market.

To top it off, in our research process, we also Developed the LGN formula. Which turned out to be one of the leading weight loss formulas on the market.